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New Functionalities
ActDealer/ActTrader New Functionality

A number of new features are now available for a DEALER:

  • View traders’ open and expired BINARY OPTIONS and review overall performance in the Binary Options Blotter.

  • Preset the default buttons for the order-processing dialogs, and quickly confirm, reject, or remove orders.

  • Protect yourself when placing the order on behalf of a trader, by notifying if the entered rate for the trader’s order is badly mispriced due to a human error.

  • View the time of actual duration of a position, even if was created as a result of partial closing, and highlight short-term positions which might pose a risk for you.

  • Filter the orders by the Clearing Name field to better manage orders sent or not sent to clearing!

  • In the Order Depth window, choose whether to show or hide the orders sent from Testing, Trading or Clearing accounts. In addition, orders aimed at clearing can be displayed or hidden.

  • In the Change Price window, preset the number of quick price change buttons, as well as their values for more flexible instrument pricing!

Updates for a TRADER:

  • Decide whether to display the positions and orders in lots or actual amounts directly in the application.

  • View the positions’ original open time, as well as the actual duration of closed trades.
  • Use trading volume as a parameter of your trading strategies and indicators for even smarter trading!

  • The MQL4 → ActFX converter can now be used in ActFX for converting MQL4 expert advisers into ActFX strategies.


  • Spread display in the Dealing Rates window

  • More accurate rendering of the candle charts
  • Stability improvements
ActWebTrader 5.4

In a new improved web-based trading application, a trader is able to:

  • place OCO (One-Cancels-the-Other) orders

  • display orders, positions and price alerts on the charts, and trade directly from them

  • clearly display fractional pips for rates in the Instrument, Positions and Orders windows


  • Brokerage firm is now able to more effectively localize the applet by exporting the translation into an XML format, editing it in the spreadsheet editor, and importing back into the applet!


Improved protection from de-synchronization between the trading side and STP Clearing, including Compensational STP orders.

Overnight Rollover

Specify Overnight Rollover as percent of trade notional value, or as an amount of the system base currency for each instrument separately.


Improved functionality of the Open Trades, Closed Trades, Account Transactions, Removed/Deactivated Orders and other reports.
Added flexibility into the Report Builder.