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New Functionalities
FXApps new features

Traders can now use FXApps to download custom indicators, in addition to the already available strategies! Effortless ways to find additional instruments for all technical analysis needs. A selection of open source apps is now available for the purpose of duplicating and modifying your favorite app (indicator or strategy).
Proxy Setting in ActPhone, ActPad, ActDroid
Traders can now configure proxy settings for ActForex Mobile applications. This is especially useful for traders who are located in areas with internet restrictions.
Binary Options in ActPhone

Traders can now trade Binary Options on their ActPhone applications, the perfect instrument for quick mobile trading!
Binary Options in ActPad

Traders can now trade Binary Options on their ActPad applications, the perfect instrument for quick mobile trading!
ActWebTrader v5.2

  • Traders using ActWebTrader can now create orders and manage positions using the charts built directly into the trade dialogs, making every trade more informed!
  • Want to execute your trades as quickly as possible? Turn on our new One-click Trading feature for ActWebTrader, and open and close positions with the ease of a single click.
  • ActWebTrader now supports instruments with multi-volume rates. Your price will depend on the size of your trade, and the current market depth.
Indicators for ActDroid

Traders can now utilize indicators from charts directly on their ActDroid application.
Fractional Pips

The flexibility of fractional pips is here! Now you can trade on spreads of 1.5 or even 0.5 to accommodate competitive rates as well as offer more precise calculations.
Fractional Lots

It is now possible to trade fractional lots in ActTrader, as well as making full use of the PAMM-allocation for group trading while still utilizing lots. This offers both traders and brokers a more flexible trading environment.
Change to NFA rule
NFA regulated clients can now utilize STOP and LIMIT orders, as these orders will automatically target the oldest open positions first.
Binary Options updates

New optional settings added to Binary Options giving the user more control than ever. Set max and min bets, as well as increments of the bets to accommodate your specific needs.
ActDealer improvements

With a focus on active markets, dealers need to be as efficient as ever. We have added quick confirm/reject buttons directly to the orders window, customizable options on order depth window, a more detailed order proximity column, and instrument search fields for quick and easy access to any currency pair you need to find.
Off line mode
During scheduled maintenance, traders will now be able to log into ActTrader to use charts, create strategies, and back test previously created strategies.
Fibonacci instruments

Technical analysis gets a significant upgrade with the introduction of Fibonacci instruments to our charting package. Fibonacci Fan, Fibonacci Channel, Fibonacci Time Zones, Fibonacci Arcs, and Fibonacci Expansion give our traders a new edge in making informed trading decisions.
STP updates

Our STP functionality has been greatly enhanced by making it a lot more flexible. Manual forwarding of orders, manual clearing of specific positions, and the ability to clear Net positions on any given currency all add up to make our STP functionality one of the most progressed in the business.