The Ultimate
Trading PlatformTM
One-click trading

  • Open a new position in just one click
  • Click on Bid or Ask, and a position will immediately open for the number of lots indicated in the Amount field

  • Web based interface accessible via URL within any Java-enabled browser
  • ActTrader user will find the interface familiar due to similarities in logic and design
  • Improved design allows for easier and more effective trading
  • Trade currency and options as well as ETFs* and Futures*

*limited functionality

Stay organized

Neatly keep all your windows in two or three resizable panels: collapse, expand, or nest them into each other.

Key Features: Account Information

Easily view all essential information about a selected account (or accounts) in the Account Bar. Select one or several accounts from a menu to see the financial data. No need to open Accounts window in order to switch between the accounts. Information is always visible at the top of the screen

View Dealing Rates

  • You can view rates in the Instruments Window
  • You can switch between the two views and view rates from any of them
Make a trade

  • To place a trade, open the New Trade dialog by left-clicking on the streaming bid or ask rate in the Instruments window
  • You can choose between a Market or a conditional Entry order
  • An optional embedded chart makes the trading experience more visual and thus more informative to the trader
  • Stops and Limits can be predefined for a market or entry order; you can use the chart to place stop and limit orders by dragging the corresponding chart elements to the appropriate price levels
Set a Stop or Limit Order

You can set a Conditional order from Open Positions window


  • To set a Stop or Limit order, click the Stop or Limit button in the Open Positions window
  • In the dialog, set the parameters for the Stop or Limit by either entering the rate, distance in pips or projected P/L, or drag the levels on the chart
  • Set a Trailing Stop by checking the Trailing box
  • You can also set a Predefined Stop or Limit in the New Position dialog window
Close a Position

  • You can close a position from Open Positions window
  • Right-click on the position and select Close Position (Detailed View) or select a position and click Close button (Simplified View)

Make informative decision by viewing changing rate on a customizable chart, view details and display indicators

All-in-one Toolbar

Improved ActWebTrader features a convenient toolbar, where user can access all the actions and windows. Functionality is grouped into intuitive “containers” by categories. Hover the mouse over an icon to access more options in the expanded “container”.



Display complex information (Accounts, Orders, Positions and others) in a simplified and friendlier view, where only essential preselected attributes are shown.

  • To switch between the Detailed and Simplified views of tabular windows, click the View icon in the top left corner to show either full or essential information about a record
  • Detailed view of the tables shows the information in the familiar old format
  • In Simplified view, all actions associated with a selected record are shown directly in it
Use ActTrader for:
  • Forex Forwards
  • Monitoring orders, positions on charts, price alerts
  • ActFX™: writing, back-testing, and executing automatic trading strategies
  • ActFX: Creating custom indicators
  • View/filter positions, options positions by a parameter
  • Configure stops/limits by distance from market, projected profit/loss
  • Fully customizable colors, date/time display format
  • Print Charts
  • Export and save chart data to Excel
  • Export window data to Excel
  • Visual Algorithmic Strategies (ActVAT)