The Ultimate
Trading PlatformTM

ActPad is the iPad version of the popular ActTrader platform by ActForex, Inc. ActPad allows you to trade the same instruments you can on the desktop version, including Forex, CFDs, Futures, and ETFs. Simply log in with your ActTrader username and password to access your trading account, orders, and open positions. Place trades, monitor your account, and even view live charts. Your account data and trading activity are synced in real time. Trades you make on the iPad are reflected on the desktop application, and vice-versa.

With ActPad, you never have to be tied down to your computer again!



View streaming rates and news. Tap the rates to place a trade on Forex, CFD, Future, or ETF directly from your ActPad. View open positions, and just tap Stop or Limit to place a conditional order on the selected position. Monitor account financials and switch between account via the Account Information bar. Access your trading history, and your Account Statement and Trading Statistics reports directly from your ActPad.

Analyze market movements with real-time dynamic charts. Just tap Indicators, to select from the 18 most popular technical indicators. Switch between Candle, Bar, and Line chart styles, and trade directly from the chart window. With custom instrument subscription, you only see the instruments that are relevant to you. Subscribing and unsubscribing is quick and easy, and synced across all applications.